Is Social Media Taking Over the World of Marketing? Icons of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok

Is Social Media Taking Over the World of Marketing?

With the rise of our internet-driven society, people have become scared to join an environment where gossip and scandals can spread like wildfire. It’s this misconception of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok…) that’s scaring people away and preventing them from using one of the best marketing techniques that have ever existed. The digital world and cyberspace have become an essential part of our culture, and it’s time to stop running from it.

Our society thrives on participatory culture, which, just like it sounds, is a phenomenon that explores a world where everyone participates. This theory highlights an environment with easy access, high artistic expression, and community. It promotes meaningful connections with a larger community and not individualized skills for personal expression (Jenkins). These social media sites were built with this principle in mind as it is the present and future of all things marketing

That being said, here are three benefits of social media marketing.

Increased brand awareness

One of the main benefits of social media marketing is increased brand awareness. These platforms give your company the ability to reach and connect with a wider audience of consumers. By just creating a business page on one or two platforms, you are already putting your company at an advantage. To take it even one step further, having your employees, friends, and family like, share, and comment will bring even more traffic to your page and increase brand awareness. 


Who doesn’t love a cost-effective solution to a problem?  Signing up, creating profiles, and posting on social platforms is essentially free. Even when you decide to invest in paid promotions, the cost is relatively low, especially in comparison to traditional marketing techniques.

Connecting one-on-one with customers

Once you build a company, one of the most important things to think about is consumer loyalty. Social media allows you to connect one on one with more customers, motivating them to come back time and time again. Did you know that 53% of people are more likely to be returning customers if they follow your social media page? (Bear, 2014).  In addition, consumers want to be up to date with new products, services, or opportunities that your company could provide because people are nosy.

Social media is taking over the marketing industry, and it’s time for your company to transition. There is no reason not to. Social media platforms are low-risk, cost-effective, and all-around beneficial. This transition may seem overwhelming, which is why Web by Craig is available to do it for you. We will take care of everything from creating your social platform to posting weekly and responding to clients. Contact us now for your free consultation.

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