Avoid Snooze Letters! Start Writing Better E-mail Newsletters

Many people believe email newsletters are outdated, spam, and only clog up inboxes. With the majority of marketing being moved to online social platforms, people wrongly assume that digital newsletters are unnecessary and redundant. Since hashtags, stories, and live videos, some of the newest marketing techniques, cannot be incorporated into these digital journals, people often overlook this avenue. However, companies are limiting their reach and stunting brand growth by ignoring this critical marketing opportunity.

When broken down into its simplest form, email newsletters are mass emails sent out to clients and subscribers to promote upcoming marketing campaigns. It allows customers new and old to be in the loop about new products or future promotions. 

One of the most common mistakes a company can make is using one platform or avenue to market itself. In reality, it is the complete opposite.  The more platforms you use to market, the wider reach you have and the more potential clients you reach.

When creating a newsletter, it is important to keep in mind:

Creativity is the Key to Success

The problem with a lot of today’s mass mailings is that they are boring. That being said, people often move the emails to their trash without even reading them. The key is to be creative. When people open a newsletter, they do not want to see a 1000 word article with fine print about your companies upcoming products. Instead, you want the reader to open the newsletter and, from just a quick glance, be able to understand the entire campaign. No one will spend more than five minutes looking at a newsletter, so using photos, bright colors, and large font will be your best friend here. You want to catch the reader’s attention by using aesthetics and keep them looking but including clickable links and photos.

Building Current Relationships and Reaching New Target Audiences

Consistent communications and high-volume information can build relationships with your customers and enhances your target audience. Having a feedback or comment section can also create a sense of community amongst your clients and give you valuable insight into how your products or services can be improved. Consistently updating your clients on new offerings or just keeping the company name in the consumer’s mind is how you keep customers coming back. Remember, your competitors will be doing whatever they can to poach your customers. Therefore, it is imperative for good business that once you have them, you keep them. Moreover, it is a low effort for those interested in your company to see what you have to offer.

Cost Efficiency

Unlike billboards and TV advertisements, there is very little monetary upkeep required once you have a draft and an email list. There is no need for a graphic designer, specialist, or marketing team. There are hundreds of templates online you can choose from, tweak, then circulate. A good newsletter has the same effects as other forms of advertisement at a fraction of the price. Even if this is not your primary marketing strategy, it’s both too easy and effective to pass over.

There are so many benefits that come with newsletters, and we are more than happy to help get you started. So, contact us now for your free consultation.


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